Class 3: Get out of the procrastination loop.

One of the biggest causes for stress is procrastination – delaying a task, seeking for distraction, doing everything else but the one thing we should do or actually want to do. Why is that? We fall into the traps of our mind and our habits. Our mind is tricky, he always finds an excuse for doing something else that is easier, more convenient, safer to do. But while we delay the things we really should do, not only these things pile up, also a whole bunch of emotions. We feel guilty, insecure, bad about ourselves. That makes us even less confident to start with the actual work. So we delay it some more… it’s a vicious circle. It’s like sitting in a big wheel with closed eyes, going round and round, not finding the moment to jump out (or at least see what’s happening around you). How to get out of the loop?

Here is an idea: what if you delay the delay? Just for one moment, when you feel the urge to check facebook rather than doing your work – just for one moment don’t do it. Sit with your feelings. Notice your urge, your resistance. Be aware of the games of your mind, taking you on this constant ride in the big wheel. The moment you are aware, you are not caught in the games, and you can jump out. That is the first tiny step you can take to change your habits. In this week’s class we will do some supporting exercises and mediation that help you to make a change in your habits.

Looking forward to see you!

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