Welcome to Auryn Yoga,

This is a space where you can find information about Kundalini Yoga classes with Anna (Nam Darshan Kaur), inspiration about yoga and meditation, mindful and healthy living, and much more.

There are many reasons to try out Kundalini Yoga. If you, for example…

…need to release stress and learn to better deal with stress
…are looking for a way to both deeply relax and to get more energised
…want to strengthen your sense of self
…want to make real changes in your life
…search for something “more” in life but you don’t really know what that is
…want to live life with more awareness, want to live more fully
…have a desire to let go of bad habits, to heal yourself, to love yourself
…believe that magic happens outside the comfort zone
…have a longing to connect to your soul, to your true self, to the flow of life, to the infinite, intuitive, to the universe or whatever you like to call it

then this is for you.

Step in, have a look around the website, and check out infos on classes and workshops.


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