Sat nam (my awesome true Self says hi to your awesome true Self),

Version 3My name is Anna or Nam Darshan Kaur and I am a student and a teacher of Kundalini Yoga, a traveller through time and space, a lover of books and stories, a strawberries-for-breakfast eater  (in summer times) and tea-drinker (throughout the year). I am a fellow learner of life, I want to share some of my experiences with you through this blog.

I have always been drawn to any forms of meditation and have tried out quite a few different mind/body and spiritual practices over the years, but did not stick with anything for a long time.

Then I started a daily meditation practice in 2011, which became an essential part of my life, even though I started with only 3 minutes each morning. To be honest, sometimes it was only 30 seconds. This practice gave me inner stability in turbulent times and I helped me so much do deal better with everything- with life, really.

In spring 2013, Kundalini Yoga found me, I started with one random class and I have not stopped since. It helped me tremendously to deal with constant stress, with anxiety and depression, with my overthinking mind, with my overwhelming emotions, with my relationships to other people and, mostly, to myself. It made my life “more” in so many ways and it helps me learn and grow every day.


I very soon realised that what I learned was not mine to keep but that I wanted to share and teach it myself. Not long after, I was asked to fill in a class – and discovered my love for being a yoga teacher. It was only natural that I then started the Teacher Training Level 1 (200 hours), which I completed in December 2015. I am now deepening my journey with Level 2 with the Amrit Nam Sarovar school in France.

I have been teaching regularly since 2014, I have experiences in teaching one-to-one with personal advise, small groups, bigger groups, students and pensioners and all ages in between, yoga-newbies and advanced yogis.

Originally from the North of Germany, I have lived in the Netherlands a few years and am now happy to be in London.

Healing both worlds.

This site is AurynYoga, a space that serves as a door and connection. You are welcome to step in and have a look around. I chose the name AurynYoga because one of my all-time favourite books is Michael Ende’s The Neverending Story. Auryn is not only the powerful talisman with the words “Do what you wish”, it is also the place that holds the Water of Life, which is the threshold between Fantasia and ‘the real world’.

“There are people that can’t go to Fantasia. There are those who can but never return. And there are just a few who go to Fantasia and come back. And they make both worlds well again.” (Mr. Coreander in The Neverending Story)

For me, Kundalini Yoga is Auryn: A way to learn to follow your heart – do what you truly wish – and a threshold between the land of our soul, the infinite, and ‘the real world’. In Kundalini, (as in life) we sometimes go completely crazy (as Bastian does in the book), but we do get a return ticket. And when we come back, we might bring with us a bit of the Water of Life that helps to heal both worlds…


Contact me when you want to get in touch and connect or have any questions or comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

With love and light, Anna / Nam Darshan.

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