Halloween: a new beginning – everything starts with a seed.

It’s Halloween and I am scared.

As I am sitting at my desk on this special spooky Monday evening, I can hear the kids from downstairs screaming in excitement. They probably just completed their transformation into a bloody zombie, pale ghost or Spiderman and are ready to go out in the world and demand their treats from us ordinary mortals.

Greeting the ghosts.

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Class 8: Find your balance.

When we have a lot to do, we can easily feel stressed. But often, it is not the work as such that makes us stressed, but that there is a lot of work and not enough play in our lives. What makes us unhappy and stressed is the fact that things are not in balance. These “things” not in balance can be: work and fun times. Or: socialising and time for yourself. Or: Head and heart. When one area of your life is dominating for a longer period of time, it can be that you feel off balance, incomplete, insecure, tense, stressed.

How can you arrange the different pieces or parts of your life so they are in balance?

In this week’s class we will create balance within ourselves, so we are able to experience the totality of the self. When you sense your total you, you can project it outwards and create more balance in your life.

Looking forward to see you!

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