Class 6: Let go… And really relax!

Often, what really stresses us are not the stressful things that happen in our lives, but the fact that we don’t know how to properly relax.

When there is really a lot of tough stuff going on in our lives, we mostly do one of the two things: either we run away from it, we escape under our blanket or into a movie, we eat comfort food or drink to make ourselves feel better or forget about the problems for a while. Or, we power through it, we work all day and all night, we don’t stop fixing and doing and fighting.

Both options put a tremendous pressure on our nervous system – constantly activating the fight or flight mode. We are constantly over-stimulated. This leads to the fact that we are having a hard time to rewind, to let go, and we become more vulnerable to stressful situations.

We need to let go of all that stored up tension regularly! In this weeks class, we will learn to let go and relax in a healthy and healing way. A deep and conscious relaxation of our body helps to get us in balance again. By strengthening our nervous system, we become more resistant to stress in general.

Looking forward to see you!

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Introduction: Stress-Relief Course

Studying can be the most inspiring, joyful and creative thing to do. However, it can also be extremely stressful. In fact, many students struggle a lot and feel constantly stressed by their studies. Symptoms of stress can be, for example: creative blocks, anxiety, panic attacks, procrastination, fatigue and complete exhaustion or a lack of concentration – just to name a few.

How to deal with the stress of tight deadlines, the pressure of wanting to perform well, and with the fear of failure? In this course, I want to show you how yoga and meditation can help you to cope with stress – and to let it go.

By learning to become more aware of your body and physical sensations, of the way your thoughts run around in your mind, by learning to focus on your breath and become still, you will be able to deeply relax. You have the chance to move beyond self-doubt and to connect to your self, to find an inner balance that will help you to meet the challenges of your studies.

We will do both energising and calming exercises, which will help you to relax and to gain new energy for daily life.

Sometimes you can’t change the outside circumstances (for example the workload, the deadline, the difficulty of your subject, …) but you can always change the way you relate to them. Awareness is the first step to do so, and that’s all what Kundalini Yoga is about in the end: becoming more aware.

Experience it for yourself and come to a class. I am looking forward to meet you.

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