Class 7: Let it flow!

Creativity is essential to most things we do, yet many people often feel “uncreative”. Studying requires a lot of creativity, and often feeling blocked in our creativity is what makes it so hard: sitting in front of that empty page or blank screen and not knowing what to write, reading texts over texts but not knowing how to connect them to your research question. But also in other areas we often feel blocked and feel we lack some creativity: cooking, solving a problem at work, communicating, making music, painting or writing,…

Often we feel too stressed to do these things or we are stressed doing them and struggling. That kind of makes sense, because stress is the Number 1 creativity-killer. This can lead to a dangerous circle: We are stressed because we have/want to do something, this blocks our creativity, we feel more stressed and hence more blocked… Time to get out of that circle of feeling stuck.

In this class we will work on our kidneys and adrenals to release deep stored up tension, to get our energy flowing and to tap into our creative flow again.

Looking forward to see you!

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